Being a member of the BARATA MMA competition team takes serious dedication. We train and compete as a team in everything from Grappling tournaments to Professional MMA fights. Please take note that we have certain expectations before allowing you to fight. We don't want to see anyone seriously injured; safety and precaution are key!

What's Expected of You

Joining the team for a grappling match is not nearly as dangerous as an MMA fight therefore less training time is expected. You will still be required to show up for all classes pertaining to the style of competition you do Gi or No-Gi. 

For an MMA match expect to get at least 6 months of training with our instructors before having your 1st match. Exceptions are made with those with prior training and on an individual basis for those who put in the extra training on their own. Cardio sessions in the gym are enough for someone looking to get fit, but fighters are required to do extra cardio sessions, running, etc. We love to have people join our team but to fight with the BARATA name is a privilege that must be earned!